Ernest Bloch

As a young man, Ernest Block made a commitment to himself to write “Jewish rhapsodies for orchestra, Jewish poems, dances mostly, poems for voice.” He fulfilled that plan with a number of religious and ethnically oriented works, the best known of which include Schelomo, the Three Jewish Poems, and the Israel Symphony.

During his tenure as Director of the San Francisco Conservatory (1925-1930), Block struck up a friendship with Cantor Reuben Rinder of the Temple Emanuel congregation. It was this association that brought about the commission for Bloch’s Avodath Hakodesh -Sacred Service. As part of his preparations for composing the work, Bloch spent a year studying the synagogue music and Hebrew texts used for Saturday morning worship.

The Sacred Service comprises five main sections: “Meditation,” “Kedushah” (Sanctification), “Silent Devotion and Response,” “Returning the Scroll to the Ark,” and “Adoration,” further divided into a total of twenty-six distinct parts. The work also incorporates a recitation of the Kaddish (Prayer for the Dead).