Georgi Andreev

Georgi Andreev was born 1969 in Haskovo, Bulgaria, where he began studying music at a young age. In 1988, he graduated from the School of Folklore Music “Shiroka Laka” where he majored in the gadulka, a traditional Bulgarian bowstring instrument. In 1997, he graduated with honors from the class of composing at the Academy of Music.

A winner of multiple national awards, Georgi has directed numerous national orchestras and ensembles, composing for the Bulgarian national radio and authoring more than 400 songs and plays.

Georgi’s reputation for brilliantly merging classical choral-orchestral music with traditional rhythms and folk styles made him a perfect pick for Varna International’s commission. In A Melancholy Beauty, Georgi combined Bulgarian instruments, such as the gadulka and the kaval, with the style of classical symphonies, producing a piece with an absolutely new sound–a kind of bridge between East and West.