4th Songs of Life Festival

Sofia, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Conductor: Maestro Henry Leck

Repertoire: A Melancholy Beauty by Georgi Andreev; Jewish Choral music from over the decades

Soloist(s): Desi Dobreva, Soprano; Boyan Vassilev, Tenor; Peter Petrov, Bass; Osman Hayrulov, Tenor; Simeon Pilibosyan, Tenor

Choir(s): Voices Rising and Vocal Point from Midwest Young Artists Conservatory, Lachan-Toronto Jewish Chamber Choir & Holy Blossom Temple Choir and Temple Singers, National Philharmonic Choir of Bulgaria, Children Philharmonic Choir of Bulgaria & Soloist from the National Folklore Ensemble, Philip Kutev

Orchestra(s): Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

Venue(s): Bulgaria Hall in Sofia and Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv

Photo: See Below