Winter Choral Conducting Workshop

Varna, Bulgaria

Conductor: Dr. Everett Miller, Concordia College, Kensas Dr. Gregory Milliron, Beloit College, Wisconsin Dr. Matt Strauser, Corban College, Oregon

Repertoire: Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 1 in G Major, Handel Andante Cantabile (from first String Quartet), Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 2, Hogener Look What a Fog, S.Taneev Bogoroditse Devo from _All Night Vigil_, S. Rachmaninoff Hallelujah, R. Golob Our Father No. 2 from _Liturgy_, D. Christov Snowdrop has Blossomed, G. Dimitrov Over the Drowsy Lulin, P. Hadjiev Silence ,T. Popov; Mountain Creek, I. Dimitrov A Lass Lied to a Lad, A. Tanev; The Fatherland is in My Heart, M. Kolarov

Choir(s): Corban College Chamber Choir, Oregon Great Society Singers, Cloud County Community College, Concordia, Kensas Beloit College Choir, Beloit, Wisconsin Morski Zvutsi Varna Representative Municipal Choir, Varna, Bulgaria

Faculty: Prof. Marin Chonev, Varna, Bulgaria Prof. Milko Kolarov, Varna, Bulgaria

Venue(s): Zala Bach, Evangelical Methodist Episcopal Church, Varna, Bulgaria