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When you join one of our performance tours as a music enthusiast, you get the best of everything without having to do all the work! You travel in the company of the performers and stay at the same four-star hotels. However, while they are rehearsing your personal guide and driver will take you to sights of interest, that might include wine tasting and local culinary experiences, points of historic and cultural significance, or just plain fun and relaxing days at the beach depending on the location. You also get backstage passes, behind the scenes tours at famous venues, passes to rehearsals, opportunities to meet headliner soloists and conductors and, of course, the best seats in the house for each performance. See our list of currently planned performance tours and join the fun.. Come alone, bring a friend, or better yet, let us design an entire tour for your favorite group of music enthusiasts. Inquire below.

"Varna International provided a wonderful musical experience combined with a chance to get to know some beautiful European cities. The Varna staff took care of all the details and were a delight to work with."

Gayle Seaton
Professor, College of Music
Florida State University

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